Welcome to “The Riz Writes”: Home to the Typing Talking Head of Draw Me In Comics and Opinionated Orator!

Greetings and salutations (read in your best Christian Slater
à la Heathers impersonation)! Welcome to the extended written universe of The Riz – writer, musician, teacher, speaker, tech. co-founder- and Draw Me In Comics, the premier source for creator supported independent comics!

“That’s all fine and good,” you may say aloud to yourself while you are reading this in the solitary confines of your favourite personal work / hide from the world space, “What does this have to do with me? And how did I get here, again? I mean here on this page, not here on this plane of existence, which is my next Google search…”

Allow me elucidate on all points needing elucidating!

If you found this soon-to-be-inspirational blog, then you followed me here from Draw Me In Comics (https://drawmeincomics.com/), Twitter (https://twitter.com/RizMuttering), The Feedback Society (http://www.thefeedbacksociety.com/), Canadian Beats (https://canadianbeats.ca/) or was perusing Word Press under the subject “Comics”, “Culture”, “Cool Stuff” and other alliterative keywords.

This low lit electronic platform will be used for my musing, insights, reviews, and opinions of independent comics, fandom, music, and anything else I feel the populace at large needs further instruction. (My list of populace teachings will great, so be prepared!)

Initially I was going to expound on a great number of topics here; the purpose of Draw Me In Comics; the best new reads in independent comics; the current state of fandom negativity; the slow building trend to black and white film; before deciding to give a quick literary, “Howdy neighbour!” to y’all out there in preparation for the gratuitous goodness (and oh, goodness!) to come.

Welcome to The Riz Writes!

You’ve been warned…